"Dry January" Recipes

by Roger Hunter-Kennedy

What is Dry January anyway?!

Dry January was started by a British charity organization as a month-long challenge to avoid the "traditional" New Year's Day hangover, help people save money, get a jumpstart on their health for the new year and bring about awareness of alcohol usage. 

We've adopted this challenge as a way to showcase our unique products and show you how they can be used as mocktails all year long. Here are a few recipes to peruse and use at home! Enjoy. 

All of our CAMP Craft Cocktails and Aged & Infused Cocktails can be made into non-alcoholic drinks simply by adding hot water and steeping like a tea, which can then be consumed hot or cold.

Our simple syrups and bitters can be added to any soda for unique flavor combinations, or club soda for a unique botanical drink.